Thursday, 12 February 2009

I heart Chloe Sevigny

There is something abour sheer see through tops that entices me to try and wear it on a night out...and that's without a bra as seen above. Will I be mistaken for a hooker...? probably.
Is it worth the misconception...? definately

The famous pink Luella dress that made the headlines, pockets to keep the hand warm too.

Luella + Sevigny = fashion sex.

What i love about this is that it has everything that i like in a good outfit- minimal but sexy shorts with a statement print that will get noticed, no fuss jewelery and red lipstick.
Simple but head turning.

Italian Vogue

Simple, chic, sexy- if i could have someone's wadrobe for a day, it would definately be Chloes'...

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