Friday, 3 September 2010

Never too much black.

I have been thinking recently- maybe I wear too much black in my every day choice of outfits. Is it okay if over 70 percent of what you wear is predomenantly black?

Maybe my fear of wearing too much of this morbid colour comes from sharing a room with a goth once in my teens. During those dark times, I remember making a sincere promise to myself that I would never want to look like a goth.

FANNY AND JESSY have made me want to wear black even more - their genius use of different black fabris can look ultra chic and although there are hints of punk goth I like to think it is more lady Ga Ga.

Here are some of my favourite looks by F and J.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

When I grow up I want to be Twiggy.

Twiggy a legendary icon, her look revolutionized the perception of feminine beauty and pushed the fashion industry to modernity.

A snapshot of surprise and beauty.
Twiggy meets leather