Saturday, 14 March 2009

Reasons why i love Alexander Wang

Californian born, Chinese-American designer Alexander Wang has brought fierce urban chic to the New York fashion scene.
His clothes are for confident women who are not afraid to experiment, for women who want to look elegant but urban at the same time, women who are not yet ready to fully commit to the dull everyday working suit but want something more edgy.
Wang successfully re-interpets everyday women's clothes into something sexy, chic and contemporary that is so wearable providing comfort at the same time.
Below are my favourites from his Spring 2009 Collection, which shows a hint of the 80s with beautiful cuts and bold colours.
Still under 25 years of age and presenting his 7th collection this year, i cant wait to see what he does next.

one lazy sunday afternoon....

Two flat mates were bored one sunday afternoon and decided to take some photos- one modelled and the other styled/took photos with the help of another friend.
here are the outcomes...hope you enjoy.

striped zipper all in one- American Apparell
Red Skirt- vintage shop somewhere in London
Mink Fur coat

Top- American Apparell
Black silk Trousers- 3.1Phillip Lim

White shirt- Reiss
Navy trousers- Conflict Tendency.

see through mesh top- American Apparell
Trousers- as before
Fur Hat- Top shop

Purple Jumpsuit- Reiss

Rabbit Fur Ski jacket- Beyond Retro
Leggings- American Apparell

Oversized grey suit jacket- All Saints